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Spring 2013 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Happy Spring!  This marks the last newsletter before Faustin and Salome end their chapter of Biola University and follow where God has called next. These steps before them will lead to Kenya and provide more opportunities to grow and prepare for what God has planned. The last few months have been eventful with new connections being made, more staff being brought on board, books being published, and the vision being shared. The work will not cease but hope to continue in the United States as well as Kenya. Thank you for your partnership!

God Bless,

Marissa Mavaega

Communications Director


Transformation Through The Different Other


Launching the book!

On April 6th, 2013, Faustin and Salome Ntamushobora shared their last formal goodbye along with launched Faustin’s second book, Transformation Through the Different Other. Over 110 were in attendance at Biola University and several came to hear what God is doing through the ministry of TLAfrica, Inc.  Praise God!



We will be flying back home on May 28, 2013. Please pray for our three children who will remain in the States completing their undergraduate studies that they may continue to love God with all their hearts.

As we go back to Africa, we are going to be temporarily based in Nairobi where I will be teaching at Africa International University. I will continue to develop the curriculum and material for the proposed Thousand Hills International University in this time. Salome will be mobile in the five countries TLAfrica, Inc. serves. She will monitor the women empowerment projects and developing new projects as the Lord continues to provide.  Our plan is to raise funds that will allow us to develop some sustainability projects so that in the future all the funds we raise from the West may go toward programs instead of paying individuals’ salaries. As you buy a copy of my new book through TLAfrica, Inc. website, (, you will be participating in the vision for ministry sustainability. Please share this with your church, small groups, family members, and friends in order to spread the vision. Feel free to contact us and share your feedback, we value your opinions and thoughts.


TLAfrica, Inc.’s goals for the upcoming year are as follows:


$       1.     Manage a smooth transition back to Africa

$       2.     Develop the African Board of Directors

$       3.     Strengthen the existing ministries through monitoring and evaluation

Here is how we hope to focus on these goals:

$    –        Finding supplies needed for the transition to Nairobi

$    –        Strategic Plan Retreat with the Africa Board (Oct 2013)

$    –        CrossBridge Community Church’s trip to Byumba, Rwanda to help train 40 pastors (June 2013)

$    –        Training 60 pastors for a week and graduation ceremony in Bungoma, Kenya (July 2013)

$    –        Second Leadership Training of 100 new pastors within the Leadership Institute in Ruhengeri, Rwanda with Living Word Fellowship Church (July 2013)

$    –        Giving 15 new calves to different communities (July 2013)

$    –        Initiating a new microfinance program in Byumba (Sept 2013)

$    –        Monitoring of Women Empowerment projects with intern Kaitlyn Sylvain and Salome

$    –        Second session of leadership training with the Leadership Institute in Ruhengeri, Rwanda (Feb 2014)

$    –        Follow up on the cow project and evaluate for the next season of giving (April 2014)

Salome and I plan on coming back to the States in 2014 but the specific date is undecided.

Thank you for your love, care, support and prayer. We feel belonging and for us, that is significant as we go back. Please read the blogs that I will be writing from Africa and send me your feedback whenever possible. Kwaheri kwa kuonana (Goodbye and see you later)!

Faustin Ntamushobora, PhD

Prsident & CEO, TLAfrica, Inc.

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