Kinihira Mission and Church Plant

Pastor Aloys is among the pioneer trainees of the Pastoral Leadership Institute that gives theological training to Pastors and Church leaders in grassroots areas. He also serves as the secretary of the TLAfrica Rwanda Board.

Early this year, he received the call of God to minister in the remote area of Kinihira. Several months later, a Church was established with a membership of 28 people. In Kinihira, there were people struggling with witchcraft and some retrogressive aspects of culture. It is an area with plentiful harvest and few workers and we thank God that one of our sons in faith heeded to God’s call to be among those sent to reach the people in this area.

The Joy of the Cow Project

As many of you know, the TLAfrica, Inc.’s cow project gives cows as gifts in order to help sustain families and hopefully communities. These cows are tools to help bring life to the people and God’s work is seen in the ceremonies where cows are given from one family to another. A few recipients of the gifts share their thoughts on the impact of the gift and God’s provision. Women from Bungoma, Kenya, Jane Wafula and Eunice Shikuku, talk about the benefits of milk with laughter.

“Milk in this area is expensive and to most it is a luxury,” said Wafula. “But when I got this cow, I started enjoying the milk and even feel like I have added a few pounds. My children also enjoy the milk. I have to admit it has helped their grades, I guess because they can focus better when they are not on an empty stomach!”

Lifting the weight of school fees has also been an effect. Shikuku is a widow and shares that it has been a struggle to cover charges such as books. This cow has enabled her to comfortably pay. She can manage to buy the tools needed and there is joy for her as a mother to see her children studying with no difficulty. Pastors from Ruhengeri, Rwanda, Aloys Munyantore and Emmanuel Habyarimana, give thanks and tell of different benefits. Aloys has been able to make manure out of the cow dung. This dung has been a product to sell in the surrounding communities and has helped grow Napier grass to feed his cows. When they were asked how they feel about the upcoming cow giving ceremony, Habyarimana shared words of joy.

“I am privileged to be able to bless someone else just as I was blessed,” said Habyarimana. “The cow came to me unexpectedly and I will be very happy to pass it on to someone so that they may also benefit as much as I have. I give God the glory for enabling this to happen.”

God has blessed through this cow project and will continue through the birth of new calves and the upcoming cow giving ceremony. The simple gift of a cow brings food, keeps kids in school, works the land, can start a business and bring hope to many families. TLAfrica, Inc. hopes to continue this program and see God work.


TLAfrica in partnership with Living Word Fellowship and Power Walk Ministries, both of Texas, Huston, USA facilitated the annual Pastors and Church leaders training in Musanze. This was the last week of the three years weekly training that culminated in graduation and award of cows.

The Pastoral Leadership Institute is a project of Transformational Leadership in Africa (TLAfrica, Inc.) that trains Pastors and Church leaders. So far, 246 Pastors and Church leaders have been trained and graduated, alongside their wives and other women leaders in the Church. The first graduation, held in 2011, had 117 graduands, with 63 of them from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 43 from Rwanda, 10 from Uganda and 1 from Burundi. In 2012, 35 couples from across the four countries graduated, with another 59 Pastors and women leaders graduating in Bungoma, Kenya. In 2015, the training had 20 women leaders and 59 Pastors.